The Cryptocurrency Industry’s User Retention Challenge and the Promise of AI


The transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in the cryptocurrency industry is a subject of immense interest. A recent conversation with Sean Chang, a partner at Consensus Mesh, shed light on the myriad challenges and opportunities inherent in this realm, particularly the focus on user retention, AI-crypto integration, and the significance of robust developer ecosystems.

Retaining Users: A Crypto Industry Challenge

Chang pointed out that while the acquisition of new users in the cryptocurrency industry is not a significant hurdle, their retention certainly is. Drawing parallels with web 2.0 loyalty programs, he stressed the need for better strategies to ensure user retention and enhance value.

Market Movements, AI, and Crypto

Chang also touched upon the anticipation of market movements due to events such as the Ethereum upgrade and the ‘halving.’ He posited that while the market has factored in these events, the real value lies in technological innovation and user engagement. He further delved into the potential of AI in crypto, and the role it could play in revolutionizing the industry.

Nurturing a Developer-Focused Ecosystem

Emphasizing the importance of fostering a developer-focused ecosystem, Chang asserted that it is integral to driving innovation and creating valuable applications. He suggested that the industry could learn from web 2.0 strategies to enhance user value over time. He also speculated that venture capital (VC) money is likely to focus on areas where developers find value, such as the convergence of spatial media, AI, and crypto.

Evolution of Blockchain Protocols

Chang also discussed the evolution of layer one blockchain protocols and the advent of new models that allow developers to build applications without the need for extensive bootstrapping. This development represents one of the many ways in which the crypto industry is innovating and adapting to changing technological landscapes.

Overall, Chang’s insights underscore the need for the cryptocurrency industry to focus on user retention, leverage the potential of AI, and foster a robust developer ecosystem. The integration of AI with crypto holds the promise of revolutionizing security, fraud detection, and risk mitigation, thereby enhancing the industry’s resilience and growth potential.


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