Two Cryptocurrencies Set to Outpace Shiba Inu (SHIB) in 2024


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2024 is set to be a decisive year for the cryptocurrency industry. As the market moves into a new phase, established players like Shiba Inu will work to solidify their standing. Yet with its dominance facing threats, Shiba Inu must fend off rising challengers aiming to unseat the top meme coin. Two cryptos in particular—Pandoshi and Bonk—have demonstrated strengths that could see them outpace Shiba Inu in 2024.

Though Shiba Inu currently leads the pack, mounting hype around Pandoshi’s offerings and Bonk’s appeal suggests both are primed for a strong year. If bullish predictions hold, 2024 may see these ambitious upstarts eclipse Shiba Inu to claim the meme coin crown for themselves. With presale momentum building, Shiba Inu’s position looks increasingly unstable against the mounting threat of its latest competitors.

Pandoshi: The Privacy-Focused Contender

Pandoshi stands out with its dedication to core decentralization principles like privacy protection and financial freedom. This community-led initiative puts control over its present and future in the hands of token holders.

Pandoshi’s robust ecosystem includes a Layer-2 Proof of Stake blockchain, a non-custodial wallet, decentralized exchange, metaverse experiences, crypto debit cards, and more. The utility token PAMBO facilitates transactions across products. As a deflationary asset, its value accrues through buying and participation incentives.

Pandoshi’s presale has seen dramatic 500% gains since its start, with phase 5 price hitting $0.01. The crypto community has taken note of this meme coin as a promising investment.

Moreover, Pandoshi recently announced the beta launch of its highly anticipated non-custodial Pandoshi Wallet. Android users can already download the application on Google Play, while the iOS version goes live in a couple of weeks. Allowing maintenance by both developers and community members, this open-source wallet represents Pandoshi’s commitment to transparency.

As presale momentum builds, Pandoshi seems poised to eclipse Shiba Inu with its fierce privacy focus aligned with crypto ethos.  

Bonk: The Scrappy Underdog

Bonk entered the meme coin space in late 2022. The “community token” within Solana saw an astronomical 9,400% gain in 2023 as the ecosystem saw renewed attention from developers and users.

Though Bonk has cooled somewhat entering 2024, it still boasts high trading volumes that suggest strong investor interest compared to Shiba Inu. Attracting attention despite a market cap under $700 million, Bonk has proven capable of making major moves with the right catalysts.

Given robust ongoing trading volumes and bullish technical indicators, analysts predict Bonk could break 45% to $0.0000020 if it crosses resistance at $0.0000016. Though currently dipped during the latest crypto decline, underdog Bonk seems primed for another rally.


While the year ahead looks unpredictable for cryptocurrencies at large, Pandoshi and Bonk have significant tailwinds that could propel them ahead of ecosystem leader Shiba Inu. With presale hype building and wallet launches for the former and speculative fervor still swirling around the latter, 2024 may prove a breakout year for both upstarts. The months ahead will reveal whether these plucky contenders can outrun the reigning meme coin top dog.

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