Stablecoins Are Still ‘Incredibly Underrated,’ WisdomTree Head of Digital Assets Says | Video


What do you make of Bitcoin’s price performance this year? Uh It’s volatile like it is always, I I think that shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s been in the space. I think long term definitely can make sense to kind of have a sleeve of your portfolio allocated to it, but you know, definitely volatile. What is the biggest misconception about the ETF about the Bitcoin etfs that they don’t actually hold Bitcoin is the biggest misconception in your opinion. What is the most underrated Blockchain development so far? I think stablecoins are still incredibly underrated in terms of how people are using them and how important they are in financial services going forward. What hurdles do you need to overcome for Wisdom Tree’s app to be available in the entire country just uh blocking and tackling with state by state regulators? What would you say to someone who is not convinced of crypto as an investable asset class, your loss? I I think this is here to stay and uh you know, just be one part of your portfolio but uh you know, not everyone needs to invest in it just like not everyone needs to invest in gold


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