Dogecoin, & Render — Asian Wrap 05 February



Dogecoin (DOGE) price has been producing lower highs coupled with nearly equal lows hinting at a potential bottom formation. This development could be followed by a quick move to the upside, but not for the recent spike in network activity.

DOGE 24-hour Active Addresses (FET) price is in a precarious position as it needs to decide its next move. FET recently breached a key support structure, favoring a bearish outlook, but things could change drastically for FET and other Artificial Intelligence (AI) crypto tokens due to the upcoming NVIDIA Corp’s earnings on February 21. 

FET/USDT 12-hour chart

Render (RNDR) price managed to end its consolidation and trigger a rally that flipped a key resistance level into a support level. This development has now opened the gates for RNDR bulls to take control. Additionally, the NVIDIA Corp’s earnings are set to be announced on February 21, which could affect the AI-related tokens like it did in November 2023. 

RNDR/USDT 12-hour chart


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