Changing Tides in Cryptocurrency: XRP Falters While NuggetRush and NEAR Protocol Prepare for Growth


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  • XRP records increased bearishness amid Bitcoin’s recent decline.
  • Near Protocol (NEAR) continues with plans to scale its network efficiency through sharding.
  • NuggetRush (NUGX) is now becoming the most in-demand play-to-earn network.

XRP’s January decline has worsened following Bitcoin’s recent drop below the $40,000 region. Near Protocol (NEAR) is now in Phase 2 of its network sharding.

Still, NuggetRush (NUGX) is gaining more interest from the P2E community after it revealed unique NFT gaming rewards. The project also offers a dynamic gaming community. Yet, can NUGX join the top DeFi projects of 2024? Let’s discuss.

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Bitcoin Fall Worsens XRP’s Performance

XRP has been in a bearish run since the start of January despite the market-wide bullishness around spot Bitcoin ETFs. XRP promptly fell below the $0.60 range. Its fall coincides with Bitcoin’s wobble in the third week of January. 

Several top altcoins recorded a fall in trading activity following Bitcoin’s price crash. XRP sold at $0.6149 on December 31. As of January 17, XRP fell by 7.6% to $0.568. It dropped by 6.6% to $0.5303 on January 27 before another 3.6% decline to $0.5107 on January 30.

XRP holders expect a recovery by Q2 2024. However, some analysts say XRP’s ongoing tussle with the Securities and Exchange Commission could dampen its prospects. XRP was one of the most traded altcoins in 2023 despite its ongoing lawsuit. 

Still, analysts doubt it could recreate such a feat. They conclude that XRP might fall by 7.8% to $0.4707 if things remain the same. XRP’s recent performance means it’s not a good crypto to buy now.

NuggetRush: Crypto Market Gears Up for Long-Anticipated Launch of Mining Adventure Game

The highly-anticipated launch of NuggetRush (NUGX) follows rapidly rising interest in the play-to-earn gaming industry. Market analysts expect the industry to maintain strong growth, with estimations predicting a global market value increase. For gamers and investors, this translates to new, exciting, and profitable blockchain projects to capitalize on.

One such project is the first-ever blockchain P2E mining game, NuggetRush (NUGX). Gamers are promised an immersive gameplay with real-world rewards, while investors can buy tokens with high-growth potential.

The game’s basic plot of mining minerals develops into a challenging adventure involving strategic thinking, resource management, and real-world mining skills. Players must make the most of their abilities to succeed in NuggetRush (NUGX) and receive rewards.

The NFT gaming experience gets better as players can join forces for an exciting multiplayer experience with additional group rewards. On the wealth-generating side of NuggetRush, players can sell their rewards for real money or stake their NFTs for high-value APY rewards.

In addition, investors can capitalize on the bullish growth of NUGX for financial gains. NUGX’s price is already up by 80% since the start of its presale after selling over 168 million NUGX tokens to early investors. Investors now anticipate an 11.1% price increase to reach $0.020, which will trigger NUGX’s listing.

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Near Protocol Commences Phase 2 of Network Sharding

Near Protocol (NEAR) is progressing with its plans for global adoption by releasing Phase 2 of its network sharding. Phase 2 of its Sharding will boost Near Protocol’s (NEAR) capacity for user volume. 

Furthermore, it could help boost investor sentiment for Near Protocol after its recent market decline. NEAR sold at $3.9230 on January 2 after a bullish December. It fell by 32.4% to $2.6495 on January 23. NEAR then recovered by 13.5% to $3.0091 on January 30.

Near Protocol holders hope for higher network efficiency when Phase 2 of its sharding is complete. Furthermore, there is growing excitement around the recently launched Near Protocol (NEAR) wallet on Telegram. The wallet will ease trading of Near Protocol (NEAR) tokens on Telegram, thus boosting the network’s on-chain activity. This could push NEAR’s price up by 15.9% to $2.5301.

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