What Is the Killer Use Case for Stablecoins? | Video


What is the killer use case for stablecoins payments, everything, payments. Stablecoins are a better payment mechanism and they should be used for all sorts of payments around the world. What’s the first thing you bought using crypto? The first thing I bought using crypto was actually just peer to peer payments. What’s the problem with fiat? The problem with fiat is that the customer of fiat is the government that issues it, not the people who use it. Beam wallet is optimism based. What’s one thing you wish people knew about optimism, optimism is more than just optimism, optimism is what they call the super chain. And it includes base, which is Coinbase L two and a bunch of others and soon many more. And that super chain ecosystem is the thing that I find most compelling about optimism itself. And very quickly explain stablecoins to me like I’m five staple coins are just a digital representation of a dollar. You put a dollar into some system, it gives you back a digital representation of it. And you can send that to anyone anywhere in the world instantly and they can get a dollar at the other end


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